^ Redwhyn's CD Release Concert; Omineca Arts Centre, Prince George, BC. [Nov 10/17]
Redwhyn Artspace Nov 2016_1224
Redwhyn Artspace Nov 2016_0313
Redwhyn Artspace Nov 2016_1018
Redwhyn Artspace Nov 2016_0923
Redwhyn Artspace Nov 2016_0451
Redwhyn Artspace Nov 2016_0213
Redwhyn Artspace Nov 2016_1178
^ Redwhyn's first time headlining; Artspace in Prince George, BC. [Nov/16]
Nancy Os Nov 2016_157
Nancy Os Nov 2016_040
Nancy Os Nov 2016_037
Nancy Os Nov 2016_114
Nancy Os Nov 2016_246
^ Redwhyn at Nancy O's in Prince George, BC. [Nov/16]
^ Redwhyn at "Night of Rock" event at Artspace in Prince George, BC. [Sep/16]
^ Redwhyn with Skate for Life at Penticton Skate Park. [Aug/16]
^ Redwhyn at the Band Shell (Fort George Park) in Prince George, BC. [Aug/16]

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| July 2016 | Redwhyn playing at a Skate for Life event in Penticton, BC.